Go from new recruit to skilled professional, all while gaining skills you can use during service & beyond.

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Soldier learning how to fly an unmanned aerial system Soldier learning how khổng lồ fly an unmanned aerial system
Similar khổng lồ a trade school, Advanced Individual Training (AIT) schools teach Soldiers the technical skills needed for their specific Army job.Most Soldiers attend it immediately after Basic TrainingProvides in-depth and hands-on job trainingEnsures Soldiers are ready lớn take on their Army jobs

Soldier training military dog on course Soldier training military dog on course
Soldiers are assigned lớn one of the 17 AIT schools based on their Army job, which also determines the length of time they’ll need khổng lồ attend.

Become an expert in engineering by attending this school, where you’ll learn a wide variety of engineering skills that can include construction, bridge building, structural maintenance, và electrical repair.Related Jobs:

By learning electronic troubleshooting, maintenance, và repairs, this school will allow you lớn become well-versed in weapon systems, vehicles, và tactical support equipment. You will learn to perform the following: mechanical and electrical maintenance on tanks, small arms weapons, Humvees, trucks, sản phẩm điện thoại electric power generation systems, air conditioners, và various other systems. Depending on your selected Army job, you may also learn machinist & welding skills.Related Jobs:

By learning skills like electronic troubleshooting, maintenance, & repairs, you’ll soon become an expert in explosives, as well as repairing và maintaining electronics, missiles, and ammunition systems. Depending on the career field you choose, you could learn how khổng lồ disarm explosive devices with remote-controlled robots, repair the electronic systems of multimillion-dollar RADAR và missile systems, & transport high explosive munitions.Related Jobs:

By learning skills lượt thích chemistry và biology, as well as detection và decontamination, you’ll soon become an expert in defense technology against chemical, biological, radiological, và nuclear threats. At this school, you’ll learn how khổng lồ identify và detect hazards, and how to lớn operate vehicles & equipment used in CBRN operations.Related Jobs:

Become an expert in intelligence by studying foreign communications, translating, và reporting. At this school, you’ll learn to collect intelligence from human subjects through interviews, as well as how khổng lồ gather and analyze intelligence from digital sources, like photographs taken from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.Related Jobs:

Skills lượt thích signals & technology, as well as communications systems, will allow you to lớn become knowledgeable in informational systems and worldwide networks. At this school, you’ll learn how khổng lồ automate, transmit, và receive voice and data information.Related Jobs:

Studying business administration and performance management will help you in becoming an expert in personnel management. At this school, you’ll learn skills very similar to what an office manager or a human resource professional in a corporation might learn.Related Jobs:

Become an expert firefighter by studying fire protection fundamentals and fire alarm communications. At this school, you’ll learn all of the techniques used to lớn fight fires both in the military và civilian worlds.Related Jobs:

By studying accounting & procurement, as well as telecommunications & computers, you’ll soon become an expert in finance. At this school, you’ll learn how to lớn manage finances, including the preparation và payment of travel, transportation, and commercial vendor vouchers. You’ll also learn how to account for the obligation and disbursement of public funds.Related Jobs:

At this school, you’ll learn policing tactics for war, peace, stability operations, & civil support operations. By studying intelligence collection, law enforcement, and security, you’ll soon become an expert in the field.Related Jobs:

Skills lượt thích data collection và analysis, as well as planning & scheduling, will allow you to lớn soon become an expert at large-scale logistics. At this school, you’ll learn the fundamentals of providing Soldiers with food, water, petroleum, repair parts, và other field services during a military or relief operation.Related Jobs:

At this school, you’ll learn how lớn operate & maintain Army tactical trucks, material handling equipment, & watercraft. With knowledge in vehicle operations, as well as electronics & hydraulics, you’ll soon become an expert in transportation.Related Jobs:

Become well-versed in combat operations involving tanks và tracked vehicles by studying armor and defense, as well as weapons operations. At this school, you’ll learn the fundamentals of vehicle operation, maintenance, surveillance, communications, và weapons.Related Jobs:

By learning weapons operations, as well as detection and destruction, you’ll soon become an expert in combat operations. At this school, you’ll learn to lớn operate a variety of electronics and communications platforms, as well as a variety of weapons systems & munitions.Related Jobs:

This school teaches weapons operation and maintenance, as well as vehicle operation & maintenance, putting you on your way to lớn become an expert in small arms, anti-terror, or indirect fire weapons. At this school, you will learn the fundamentals of weapons operation & maintenance, vehicle operation and maintenance, & land reconnaissance.Related Jobs:

Learning radar operations and radar & systems will help you become an expert in air defense. At this school, you’ll learn how to use the systems that protect U.S. Forces from aerial attack, missile attack, and enemy surveillance.Related Jobs:

Skills like aviation operations và aerial support will turn you into an expert in aircraft mechanics. At this school, you’ll learn how khổng lồ keep the Army’s fleet of rotary aircraft in đứng top operating condition.Related Jobs:

Some Army Soldiers have a desire lớn advance their careers even further. By applying lớn the Army’s specialized schools—provided you meet the right criteria for acceptance—you can enhance your expertise in a specialized field to focus your training even further.

JAG Officer arguing in court JAG Officer arguing in court
As a military lawyer, leverage your law degree or apply for opportunities for the Army lớn pay for law school or other legal training, in areas such as criminal prosecution, legal assistance, and military law.

Army medical soldier inspecting equipment Army medical soldier inspecting equipment
From nursing to veterinary care, you can provide medical care lớn Soldiers và their families in a range of health care positions. Leverage your medical expertise or pursue paths for the Army lớn pay for medical training.

Field chaplain kneels in field with other soldiers Field chaplain kneels in field with other soldiers
Tend khổng lồ the spiritual needs of other Soldiers by training khổng lồ become an Army Chaplain or Chaplain Assistant at Chaplain School.

Become one of the highest-trained helicopter pilots in the world by learning to lớn fly advanced aircraft, supporting daily operations, và high-stakes missions. The Army pays Soldiers to lớn learn lớn fly.

Learn to lớn speak và write a foreign language fluently in this intense full-time program. Languages include Arabic, German, Italian, và Chinese.

Your Army job determines which school you’ll attend and for how long. There are 17 different AIT schools in areas ranging from transportation khổng lồ aviation, & you’ll be sent khổng lồ the school that specializes in your assigned job. AIT can last between four to lớn 52 weeks, depending on the skills you’ll need to lớn develop before reporting khổng lồ duty.

After you successfully complete the requirements of AIT, you’ll graduate from your school and be given a short break, typically ten days, before you join your unit & officially begin work.

Yes, you vì chưng get paid during AIT, on the first & fifteenth of every month. The amount depends on your rank.

No. You’ll be given a few days lớn travel between your Basic Training location & Advanced Training location, but this isn’t considered an official break. If you’ll be attending One Station Unit Training, you won’t receive travel time because your Basic Training & AIT will be held on the same base.

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Yes, Infantry and Armor Soldiers attend a combined training program called One Station Unit Training (OSUT) which includes Basic Training and AIT. OSUT is held at the same base which means Soldiers can complete both their trainings without traveling in between.