Many graphic artists have heard of CorelDRAW X4 Crack. However, the name implies that this program is pirated.

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The original product is a powerful graphics editor with publishing functions and has lots of tools for graphics editing and 3D modeling.

What Is CorelDRAW X4 Crack?

The official developer has never released a program called CorelDRAW X4 Crack. It is a pirated copy of a well-known product.

Such software works thanks to built-in CorelDRAW X4 Keygens and patches. It has many disadvantages. However, the pirated version has almost the same feature set as legal software.

Windows CorelDRAW X4

Filename: CorelDRAW X4.exe (download)
Filesize: 1 GB

Mac CorelDRAW X4

Filename: CorelDRAW X4.dmg (download)
Filesize: 1 GB

CorelDRAW Overlays Part 1

Filename: CorelDRAW Overlays Part (download)
Filesize: 185 KB

CorelDRAW Brushes Part 2

Filename: CorelDRAW Brushes Part (download)
Filesize: 1.2 MB

Using CorelDRAW X4 Crack Is Bad?


Finding CorelDraw Crack on the net is easy. In addition, this program is completely free. Nevertheless, the consequences of downloading illegal software may be very unpleasant. What are they?

Download Part 1 CorelDraw Overlays (185 KB)
Download Part 2 CorelDraw Brushes (6 KB)

1. Problems with the Law

By downloading CorelDRAW X4 Crack, you are committing criminal acts, since the original product is the intellectual property of the developer. Consequently, the use of pirated software entails punishment.

2. Unstable Work

It is no secret that distributors of pirated software never take care of product quality control. Therefore, users, who choose CorelDRAW X4 Crack files download often complain about program crashes.

3. Viruses

Hackers accidentally, and sometimes intentionally, place malicious programs in illegal software. This can seriously harm your devices.

Unfortunately, you can get rid of these viruses with only efficient antivirus software.

4. No Support

Hackers, who distribute pirated software do not offer customer support (unlike the official developer). Therefore, no one can help you with your problems.

5. Lack of Updates

Legal software developers are constantly improving their products and releasing updates. If you download CorelDraw X4 full crack, you will have this version of the program forever.


Legal Alternatives to CorelDRAW X4 Crack

Official CorelDRAW developers offer a wide selection of tariff plans. Therefore, any law-abiding user can choose something suitable without resorting to CorelDRAW X4 crack.

Free Trial

Platforms: Mac, Windows Price: free 15 days"s Rating


CorelDRAW allows you to overcome creative barriers. The program contains all the necessary tools for creating vector illustrations, layouts, image editing, and typography.

Abandoning the idea of using crack CorelDRAW X4 in favor of the official version, you’ll be able to work on your projects from any gadget. allows you to get feedback from one or more reviewers. In this way, you can organize a good communication with your customers and colleagues.

Due to very powerful tools for any type of product, you get amazing results in a short time.

3. Business Plan

Platforms: Mac, Windows Price: defined after consultation"s Rating

If you understand that CorelDRAW X4 crack is not a good idea and you have some money to spare, this option is for you. This plan is suitable for those, who are going to use the program for the fashion business.

This software has everything you need to produce a quality product related to embroidery, screen printing, or direct-to-garment printing or apparel.

The program includes a huge selection of tools that are suitable for various purposes.

They meet the requirements of both small companies focused on promoting their own products and large businesses in the field of publishing and advertising.

Educational Plan

Platforms: Mac, Windows Price: determined after consultation"s Rating

Using simple and easy-to-understand design tools, you can push students" imagination and inspire them to create. Having mastered these tools, they will acquire skills that will be useful in the future. You can get this as an offer for academic budgets.

You can turn simple lines and shapes into real artworks using this amazing set of vector illustration tools.

Various universal tools for forming and drawing will help you create curves. Envelope, Mesh Fill, Contour, Blend, and others are designed to give unique effects to your vector image. All this is available only in the legal version of the program and not in CorelDRAW X4 crack.

CorelDRAW X4 Crack: Free Alternatives

Many graphic artists, like web developers, admire the features of CorelDRAW X4. However, not everyone can afford this product.

Nevertheless, don’t rush to download CorelDRAW X4 crack as there are many free programs with similar features.

1. Inkscape


This open-source program is designed for editing vector graphics. It contains many functions offered by similar software and can be a good alternative to CorelDRAW X4 crack. The program works with the SVG file format. Inkscape also has a range of advanced features such as clones, markers, and alpha blending.

The software has a clear and intuitive interface that greatly simplifies working with complex path tasks, bitmaps tracing, and node editing.

This program does an excellent job of creating web graphics, logos, technical diagrams, maps, icons, etc. Thanks to the open-source base, you can get this software without spending a cent.

2. PhotoPad


PhotoPad is an NCH Software product. It is great for image editing and can be a safe replacement for CorelDRAW X4 crack.

Using this program, you can add various effects or modify colors in your pictures. It is mainly used for editing RAW photos taken by a digital camera but you can work with other formats too.

Average users can also find some interesting tools in this program. Combine some photos to get an impressive panorama. You can achieve amazing results by merging images into an HDR one.

3. AutoDraw


AutoDraw is user-friendly software that contains everything you need for basic drawing. Here you will find standard options such as filling colors, drawing, adding text, resizing, etc. But there is one unique feature that deserves special note.

The program is supplied with Google"s artificial intelligence. This tool analyzes your doodles and squiggles and offers you professional pictures instead. Why not choose this program as an alternative to the CorelDRAW X4 crack?

AutoDraw is an online drawing tool. The program doesn’t require any locale files and installation on your devices. Just use your web browser and enjoy drawing!

4. InsightPoint


InsightPoint is a universal tool for working with presentations, illustrations, and graphic design. It can cope even with the most difficult tasks that are beyond the power of your presentation tool.

With InsightPoint tools, you can embody your wildest ideas and create impressive graphics. One of the advantages of this software over crack CorelDraw X4 is the safe and legal creation of SVG slide shows. The program is completely free and compatible with Linux and Windows devices.

5. Apache OpenOffice Draw


This vector graphics editor is comparable in functionality to CorelDRAW. The package includes full-featured “connectors” between shapes, which can use a variety of line styles. They allow you to create drawings, for example, flowcharts.

This alternative to Corel DRAW X4 crack also contains 3D controller, dimension lines, formatting, styles, and advanced rendering. If you need clipart, you can use image galleries at any time.

The program supports various graphics formats including GIF, PNG, WMF, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF.

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CorelDRAW has an extensive feature set. However, both beginners and professionals often resort to using ready-made add-ons. Using them, your work will become even more beautiful.