What is the best air filter for my home?

The best air filter depends on kích cỡ or dimensions, filtration rating (MERV, MPR, FPR), and quality. Our aftermarket filters are more affordable và higher performing than most OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brands

How vày I replace my air filter?

Replacing your air filter is as simple as finding the appropriate size, opening your intake vent, và placing your new air filter snugly in its slot. Be sure that your air filter isn’t bending or creasing lớn get maximum performance. Learn more about replacing your old air filter here.

Are pleated air filters better than fiberglass?

Pleated air filters are so much better than fiberglass, that they are the only type we produce & sell. Our pleated air filters last 3-6 months (depending on the size and the filtration needs of your home) & capture over 85% of air particles in your space. Fiberglass filters, made of spun glass, last an average of 30 days & capture a much smaller percentage of air particles. You may pay more up front for the pleated filter, but it will pay you back in better air chất lượng and less waste.

How often should I change my air or furnace filter?

It is recommended that you replace your air filter every 90 days or 3 months.

What are air filters made of?

Air filters are made primarily of cardboard, supporting wire, and the filter media. Depending on your filter needs, the filter truyền thông media can be made of many different types of material, including fiberglass, polyester, cotton, and more.

Why does my central air have two filters?

Most central air units have two filters lớn allow air intake evenly throughout the house. This increases the ability for your HVAC system to lớn circulate air at equal rates throughout your home and increases the amount of filtration.

Where can I buy air filters?

Air filters can be found online & at your local hardware store. For the best results, buy your replacement air filters from a trusted air filter manufacturer lượt thích hsnovini.com.

What does MERV mean in air filters?

MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value, and it is a rating on how much filtration your air filter is capable of. Most air filters have a MERV rating between 1 and 20, with MERV 1 filters only capable of removing larger debris & MERV đôi mươi capable of filtering out microscopic particles such a viruses and bacteria from the air. hsnovini.com offers air filters in MERV 8, MERV 11, và MERV 13 ratings.

What’s the difference between air filters, furnace filters & AC filters?

Air filters, furnace filters và AC filters are similar products và the terms are used interchangeably. Aside from form size differences, the air filter that goes in the central HVAC unit or your return vents is called an “AC filter” or just “air filter,” and filters that go your furnace unit in your home are called “furnace filters.”

Are pleated air filters better than fiberglass?

Pleated air filters are better than fiberglass air filters. Our pleated air filters last 3-6 months (depending on the size and the filtration needs of your home) và capture over 85% of air particles in your space. Fiberglass filters, made of spun glass, last an average of 30 days, & capture a much smaller percentage of air particles. You may pay more up front for the pleated filter, but it will pay you back in better air unique and less waste.

What air filter ratings vị you carry?

We carry of MERV 8, MERV 11, and MERV 13 rated air filters, which trap & block 85% lớn 98% of particles in the air. We recommend MERV 8 air filters for standard homes & businesses. MERV 11 và 13 air filters offer elevated performance and increased filtration for residents or businesses that need it.

What quantity of air filters can should I buy?

If you are buying air filters in bulk, you have come khổng lồ the right place. hsnovini.com lets you buy any quantity that you need. As a bonus, you can subscribe to get that exact quantity of air filters delivered lớn your door every month & receive a 5% discount.

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Air filters serve 3 critical roles in your central air system that contribute lớn the health & comfort of residents & customers.

Air filters remove harmful pollen, dust, dander, smoke. And bacteria, so they don"t circulate throughout your trang chủ or commercial space from a dirty filter. New air filters help lớn prevent mold & mildew from growing in your central air duct system, which can cause other health-related problems. Replacement air filters help your trang chủ heating & cooling (HVAC) system running smoothly, helping to lớn prevent strain & damage on from circulating air through an old, dirty air filter.

Regularly replacing your home’s AC or furnace filter can also help keep down energy bills và costs during times of high use.

Learn more about what air filters do

For new customers or new homeowners, you may need some assistance in ordering replacement filters online. Considerations including air filter dimensions or sizes, minimum efficiency reporting value, & the difference between air/furnace/HVAC/air conditioner filters all play role in finding the right air filter for your residential, commercial, or industrial application.

Read below for a quick guide lớn buying the right air filter.


Air filters have different sizes, brands, components, features, MERV ratings, và filter media. Lớn make sure you’re getting the right air filter for your central air system, make sure you know some of the basics:

Filter form size or dimensions – replacement air filters can be properly sized by measuring their width, height, và thickness. Most people use the standard kích thước printed on their existing air filter, but you can also measure for your specific air filter’s nominal kích thước and dimensions. Air filter MERV rating – MERV ratings indicate how much filtering power nguồn your air filter has based on the kích thước of particles that it traps (air particles are sized in microns). MERV ratings range between 1 – 20, but most residential air filters are rated between MERV 8 & MERV 13. Air filter media – Air filter truyền thông media refers to the type of material used khổng lồ filter particles out of the air. Most air filters feature fiberglass filters, cotton, polyester, electrostatic, và pleated truyền thông media filter options that depend on what components you want filtered out of the air, lượt thích dust, pollen, allergens, viral particles, odors, & more.

Learn more about different types of air & furnace filters


Know where you are installing your air filter before you buy a replacement. It can impact what type of air filter you need to lớn buy. Air filters can be changed from behind intake vents (often called air filters or ac filters) or in your central air unit’s furnace box (often referred khổng lồ as “furnace filters”). There is no difference between “air,” “ac,” & “furnace” filters, however, it’s important khổng lồ know your specific application before you buy.

Learn the difference between air filters và furnace filters

MERV 13 rated air filters have the most filtering power và the capability to lớn filter airborne particles down to .3 microns in size. MERV 13 (Platinum) filters are appropriate for most homes & higher rated than most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products. They block 98% of airborne particles, are comparable to MPR 1500/1900 and FPR 10-rated air filters, & last 3x as long as traditional fiberglass filters.

With a MERV 13 filter, you can filter out a lot of airborne particles, including:



hsnovini.com provides a wide range of air filter sizes, thicknesses, và MERV ratings so you can find reliable aftermarket air filters for residential use as well as commercial or industrial applications.

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The answer to what is the “best” air filter depends on what is most important khổng lồ you. Whether that means cost, efficiency, effectiveness, or kích thước options, hsnovini.com has the widest selection of standard air filter sizes, each with MERV rating và ODOR fighting options. We also manufacture custom air filters for our clients, so you will always be able to lớn find a replacement air filter that performs to lớn the highest degree.

Choosing the right air filter comes down to understanding your needs and the right filter to get the job done.

Start growing your air filter knowledge base



When replacing your air filter, most people will find the nominal form size or dimensions located on the edge of your current air filter. If you don’t have the previous filter handy, you’ll need lớn measure your intake vent for the actual size of your air filter.

"Nominal" refers lớn the hàng hóa sizing chart that fits into your intake vent. "Actual" form size refers khổng lồ the true measurements of your air filter dimensions, which will be slightly smaller than the intake vent dimensions. When searching for a 16x25x1 air filter, for example, you’ll likely see 15.5" x 24.5" x .75" listed. Nearly all AC filters go by the nominal size, which is the actual size rounded up to the nearest inch.

Quick Measuring for Replacement Filter Size

Using a tape measure, get the length, width, and depth of your filter slot. The length và width dimensions are interchangeable, though conventionally the first number is the smaller of the two. For the depth measurement, standard filters are nominally 1” (actual 0.75”), 2” (actual 1.75”), & 4” (actual 3.75”) deep.

Learn more about getting your replacement air filter dimensions below.

Replacing Your Air or Furnace Filter

Once you have a properly sized replacement filter, it’s time khổng lồ put your new filter in your intake vent. The process is simple. Follow along in our step-by-step replacement clip below.

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